Your buying agent in Eindhoven

Your buying agent in Eindhoven

A buying agent is an expert, a specialist in the housing market. Buying agents protect only your interests as a buyer. Buying agents save you time, problems and thousands of euros thanks to their expertise, experience and knowledge of the market.

What we do?
As well our agents Steven and Dick from, Hendrix & Huybregts are real specialists. We go far beyond what other agents offer. For example, we won't hesitate to advise you not to buy a house if things aren't right, because our only goal is to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Before you buy the property, you'll know all about the surrounding area, the prices, who your neighbours will be and what work needs to be done. In short, there will be no surprises.

Why choose Hendrix & Huybregts Makelaars as your buying agent?

  • Expertise in the housing market
  • Insight into the real value of properties
  • A lower purchase price than you would be able to negotiate for yourself
  • Essential information about the property
  • Representation of your interests as a buyer
  • Professional completion of the deal

Hire us as your buying agent!

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